Renal RD Team

President & CEO
Donna L Morton de Souza, MPH, RD

BioDonna's renal dietitian experience in hemodialysis clinics revealed the need for more innovative educational tools. Over the years, she developed and field tested a variety of activities to help educate and motivate her dialysis patients to adhere to their strict regimen. Success was measured by improved lab values, patient acceptance and improved morale within the clinic.

She was encouraged to make her creative educational tools available to all renal professionals. This resulted in the publication of two books and a variety of useful visuals and games.

Donna graduated with a Masters in Public Health from Loma Linda University, California and received her undergraduate degree from California State University, Los Angeles. She also earned a Culinary Arts... from Johnson and Wales University in Florida. Her previous experience includes working as a corporate dietitian for a major cruise line, pharmaceutical sales, university instructor, wellness counselor and cooking instructor.

Donna is a dynamic national and international speaker on strategies for patient compliance. She has presented and conducted numerous workshops at the National Kidney Foundation's clinical meetings and other professional organizations including ESRD, CRN and AAKP.

If you would like Donna to present at your upcoming meetings please contact us.

In 2002, Donna Morton de Souza, MPH, RD was the recipient of the National Kidney Foundation of Florida's "Exemplary Practice Award for Outstanding Service to Kidney Patients"

Web Services Director
Mike Dobmeier

BioAs Web Services Director, Mr. Dobmeier oversees RenalRd's website, information systems and system architecture. He is involved in all Renal RD web based marketing strategies which include brand recognition, site ranking and positioning.

Prior to joining Renal RD, Mike Dobmeier was a Project Manager at CashEdge; an intelligent money movement solution ...

... provider for major banks, such as, Citi, Bank of America and Wachovia. He also served as Information Systems Manager at LSI Inc. from May 1999 until September 2007. Furthermore, he served as the Web Services Manager at Philips Electronics Semiconductor Division from September 1997 until April 1999.

Mr. Dobmeier played a key role at LSI managing the rebranding and overall development of the Consumer Products Division Internet and Intranet. He also managed the implementation and integration of several process improvement applications which were Livelink, Interwoven's Teamsite CMS and Vignette's DRM.

Also, Mr. Dobmeier played a vital role in the development and deployment of the new Philip Electronics Semiconductor Division's Internet and Intranet and customer portals. He also managed the implementation and integration of Net Fusion CMS and training for 100+ site producers.

During the 80's and early 90's Mike Dobmeier served in the United States Marine Corps as an Asset Management Manager. During this enlistment he managed the Marine assets for the Marine Corps Security Force Battalion, 5 USMC Companies and 13 US Naval ships which included several air craft carriers. During his tenure he also implemented a new database asset management system due to the fact the battalion had no network access to the USMC supply system.

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